Water Quality Report 2011 released

Westernport Water has released its 2010/2011 Annual Water Quality Report, providing a broad overview of all water testing and water quality results over the past year.

“The report covers all the testing and work done on our behalf to improve and maintain water quality in the region,” said Dean Chambers, Westernport Water Water Quality Officer.
Westernport Water tests water in a number of different areas as part of its rigorous water quality process, monitoring a variety of factors and characteristics. In 2010/2011, over 99.9% of Westernport Water’s 14,000 water samples complied with the Australian Drinking Water Quality guidelines on the first testing.
“We are very happy with the results and what they mean for our customers. By constantly monitoring our water supply and conducting detailed testing, we ensure that we deliver the highest possible quality of drinking water,” Mr Chambers said.
Westernport Water undertook several maintenance programs throughout the year to ensure the integrity of the water supply network. These works included:
– Scouring the 648mm primary water supply main to reduce the effects of chlorination.
– Cleaning and maintaining the San Remo Basin to improve the quality of water leaving the basin.
– Candowie Reservoir maintenance, including weed control and tree removal to reduce the amount of organic material entering the water supply system.
– Upgrades at the Ian Bartlett Water Purification Plant to improve the efficiency of the treatment process.
Westernport Water is committed to continually improving water quality treatment processes with initiatives like the upcoming expansion of the Chloramination program.
To obtain a copy of the 2010/2011 Annual Water Quality Report, visit our ‘Water quality’ section or call Customer Service on 1300 720 711