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Max Pick - Lisa Caldwell - Mobile Muster

Media Release

Year 10, 11 and 12 students regularly gain real world experience with Westernport Water, working in a variety of areas like engineering, communications, information technology and science fields.

ICT Manager Sharon Green said “It’s not often students complete work experience and make a major change to the environment for the area they are working in, but that’s exactly what happened when Year 10 New haven College student Max Pick completed work experience at Westernport Water recently.

“Max was assisting our Environment Team to refresh the Westernport Water e-waste disposal policy, when two things caught his eye during his research.

“Firstly the fact that only 20% of all e-waste is recycled worldwide, and secondly that there were no Mobile Muster locations in the Newhaven area.

Max suggested Westernport Water contact Mobile Muster and become a drop off point for mobile phones and accessories, allowing anyone with a disused mobile phone in the Newhaven area to take them to Westernport Water.

“It was a great idea. We already provide a recycle option for our employees and Mobile Muster is a free mobile phone recycling program which is committed to raising awareness and educating the community on why it is important to recycle,” said Mrs Green.

General Manager of Corporate and People Lisa Caldwell (pictured) thought that it was a fantastic idea! “Thanks to Max’s idea, we’ve now established a partnership with Mobile Muster to help reduce e-waste by recycling mobile phones.

“People can simply drop off their mobile phones and accessories to our office at Newhaven and we will help them to recycle the right way,” said Mrs Caldwell.

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