Westernport Water shows healthy profit in 2011 Annual Report

Continued development of information systems and infrastructure has paid dividends for Westernport Water with the release of its annual report showing a healthy profit of $2.1 million in 2010/11.

Releasing Westernport Water’s 2011 Annual Report this week, Managing Director Murray Jackson attributed the 2.1 million net profit to the introduction of smart technologies, sound decision making, and tight financial controls.
Mr Jackson commented ‘Profits of the like are necessary for future development of water infrastructure. Retained earnings will effectively pay for future improvements such as the Candowie Reservoir upgrade.’
‘In fact the annual report demonstrates to customers how we are effectively managing our finances and operations, minimising the likelihood of any surprises, this is evident in our capital expenditure which totalled $8.2 million against a budget of $8.3 million.’
Performance highlights in the 2010/11 annual report tabled in the Victorian Parliament on Thursday 15 September were:
  • Implementation of a Global Information System (GIS) database and a System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system which enables remote monitoring of all water and sewerage systems.
  • International acclaim for Westernport Water systems engineer Dean Jagoe, who was awarded first prize in the Bentley Systems Be Inspired award for Innovation in Water and Wastewater, for his work in integrating corporate systems to create a live accurate and sustainable water model.
  •  Continued community support with the introduction of a Hydration Station, made available to the community, clubs and sporting organisations, helping add value to events through the provision of fresh drinking water.
  •  Achievement of a second consecutive full year without lost time injury, reflecting well on existing work culture and showing the benefits of investment in training and job planning.
  • Our third consecutive year without water restrictions through good rainfall volumes and continuing water conservation from our customers.
  • Completion of significant maintenance program including scouring the main water supply line, delivering significant water quality benefits to the community.
According to Mr Jackson, the next two years will be geared towards completing major capital projects and further developing integrated water management solutions.
This includes increasing the capacity of Candowie Reservoir, constructing and delivering Class A recycled water, connecting to the Melbourne pool and meeting the continued high growth in new customer connections.
Click here to view the Westernport Water 2011 Annual Report