Water supply secure for the year ahead

This week, Westernport Water released its Annual Water Outlook, which forecasts that its drinking water supply is secure for the year ahead.

The Annual Water Outlook considers the current storage level and available climate data to make projections on water supply and demand for 12 months from 1 December 2020.

Candowie Reservoir reached full capacity in May following significant rainfall and a healthy storage level has since been maintained.

With the reservoir level at 95% full, restrictions are not expected in the next 12 months. Permanent Water Saving Rules remain in place on an ongoing basis, even when water restrictions are not required.

Forecasts issued by the Bureau of Meteorology indicate that wetter than average conditions are likely for eastern Australia over the next twelve months due to La Niña, with warmer than average days and warmer than average nights over the next three months.


Quotes attributed to Peter Quigley, Managing Director of Westernport Water

“I’m pleased to report that our water supply will meet demand for the year ahead.”

“Whilst we are in the fortunate position having healthy storage levels, we are not naive to the ever-present risk of climate change.”

“We have already seen an increase in daily demand for water over the last few weeks, especially on weekends now that travel restrictions have eased.”

“Using water wisely is everyone’s responsibility, I encourage everyone to do their bit to help secure supplies for tougher times.”


For a copy of our Annual Water Outlook visit our website.




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