photo Candowie Reservoir

Water storage level remains strong

­The unseasonable rain and mild local weather conditions this summer has resulted in less water consumption and a stronger water storage level for the region’s main water supply, Candowie Reservoir.

The effective management of water resources is critical to the health and liveability of our community, said Westernport Water’s Managing Director Peter Quigley.

“Water levels in Candowie Reservoir generally drop quickly at this time of year due to little inflow and a spike in demand, but this year has been an exception.”

“As at the end of February this year, our water storage remains above 75 per cent full, compared to 45 per cent at the end of summer last year.”

“Customers have helped save water this summer. Early indicators show that average household usage is down on previous years and I thank customers for being more water wise.”

Westernport Water’s water supplies are mainly fed by rainwater, but this summer, drinking water has been supplemented by 140 ML of water from the Melbourne Water Supply System, which includes desalinated water.

“We are carefully managing water resources and have successfully tested our connection to the pipeline connecting the Victorian Desalination Plan to Cardinia Reservoir and the Melbourne Water Supply.”

“Testing our connection during the warmer months gives us the confidence that this supply source can deliver the volume necessary at our busiest time of year if we need it.”

“Recycled water is also an important alternative supply source for maintaining sports facilities, irrigation and toilet flushing.”

“Making use of all water sources helps to take the pressure off drinking water supplies. We plan to increase our use of recycled water to build a more resilient future.”

“We all have to do our part to help secure water for our future and I remind everyone that Permanent Water Savings Rules remain in place all year round,” said Mr Quigley.

View our historical water storage data.


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