Water rebates make a saving success

Westernport Water has helped the community save over 100 million litres of water as a result of water rebate and exchange programs in the region.

Since June 2007, there have been over 3500 rebates on water efficient products including 2400 reduced flow showerheads, 1000 trigger nozzles, over 150 rainwater tanks and almost 60 dual flush toilets. Additionally, services like water conservation audits have helped local households discover new ways to manage their water usage.

A replacement AAA showerhead can save a household 45 litres of water a day while correct use of an efficient dual flush toilet can save up to 90 litres a day. Rainwater tanks connected to a toilet and laundry are also a great way to reuse this limited resource.


Thanks to these sustainable water initiatives, estimated water savings have been in excess of 25 million litres a year and the programs have played a great role in educating our customers on the importance of conserving water.


The new Living Victoria Water Rebate Program created by the Victorian Government will continue to help the community by providing rebates on eligible water efficient products between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2013.


For further information on how to save water and the available rebate programs, visit our ‘Rebates and rewards’ section atwww.westernportwater.com.au or phone Customer Service on 1300 720 711.