Public Notice: Extra Flows for Guys Creek Corinella

Westernport Water will be releasing flows of treated wastewater into Guys Creek at Corinella, following approval from Victorian Environmental Protection Authority.

Treated wastewater from the King Road wastewater treatment plant is stored over winter and recycled to land through irrigation in the summer. Due to higher than average rainfalls, incoming flows have been significantly higher than average. This has resulted in Westernport Water’s onsite winter storage nearing capacity.
Westernport Water will be releasing approximately 200 ML of water over a 120 day approval period at a maximum of 2ML a day under the approval from Environment Protection Authority.
Westernport Water will be undertaking monitoring and sampling during this period. We expect minimal impact due to the quality and dilution of the water being discharged.
Downstream landholders have been informed of this process and will continue to be informed during the 120 day approval period.
For general enquiries, contact General Manager of Operations Steven Porter on 1300 720 711
Murray Jackson