Student’s artistic flair swamps Westernport Water

Westernport Water has been flooded with responses for its Annual Poster Competition for National Water Week 2011.

All local primary school students were invited to make a poster that best represented the theme of ‘Healthy Catchments, Healthy Communities’ and the importance of caring for our waterways.
Over 250 entries from 4 different schools were submitted, with many of the posters showing a strong awareness of water conservation and sustainable themes. Finalists were selected from each Category and sent to Melbourne where they were judged with other entries from across the state.
Newhaven Primary School and San Remo Primary School had an equal number of posters represented at the competition state judging. As a reward for their hard work, Westernport Water is pleased to offer both schools a free rainwater tank to help further their students’ education in sensible water practices.
Special thanks to Bass Valley Primary School, Powlett River Primary School, Newhaven Primary School and San Remo Primary School for participating in National Water Week for 2011.
To see our Regional poster finalists or find out what other activites are being held for National Water Week, visit our‘Community’ section or contact our National Water Week Ambassador Geoff Russell on 5956 4140.