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Service delivery excellence, a key focus for Westernport Water

Westernport Water’s 2016 Annual Report released today highlights a number of key water and wastewater projects and details a number of continuous improvement initiatives aimed at optimising performance and improving service outcomes for customers.

“Westernport Water is very proud of its recent performance. We have completed year one of our Water Quality Continuous Improvement Plan and I’m pleased to report that we have maintained full compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003, which is a credit to the team.”

“We are pleased that all the work we’ve been doing to improve our products and services is paying off and that this was reflected in a positive shift in customer satisfaction.”

“Through building stronger partnerships with the local community, and working closely with customers to understand their needs and concerns, I believe that Westernport Water can continue to build on its strong performance this year.”

Westernport Water customers have also benefitted from increased cost efficiencies that were identified and returned to water users.

“Through collaboration with other Gippsland water corporations and looking closely at the way we do business, we have been able to generate efficiency savings that were returned to customers as a $23.40 rebate.”

“Close cooperation with neighbouring water corporations through the Gippsland Strategic Water Alliance has provided us with a vehicle to ensure cooperation is maximised across the sector, which in turn benefits our customers.”

“Over the next six months we will be engaging with our customers and the local community to develop our pricing submission, which sets the prices from 2018 to 2023.”

“Community input is critical when planning for the future and we want to tap into local ideas and hear first-hand of any concerns. This will be a great opportunity for people to have their say in developing our long-term strategy to meet the needs of our community in the years to come,” said Mr. Quigley.

Key Projects and Initiatives in the 2016 Annual Report include:

• Upgrades to Cowes Wastewater Treatment Plant to improve the quality of treated water discharged to the environment.
• Commencement of upgrades to the Cowes sewerage reticulation system to improve the collection and transfer of sewage from the Cowes area.
• Installation of an air treatment facility to improve air quality emissions from the main sewer pump station that services the Cowes area.
• Cross Island sewer pump station upgrades to improve the capture and collection of sewage from locations across Phillip Island.
• Water main renewal project, a program of works to replace old cast iron cement lined pipes and improve reliability for customer sin the Corinella and Dalyston areas.

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Download a PDF of the 2016 Annual Report here – Annual Report 2016 – web (2MB)

Download a PDF copy of the media release here – Media Release – Annual Report 2016 – Service delivery excellence a real focus