Securing Phillip Island’s Water Future

Security of water supply is to be made more reliable by the construction of an under channel pipe line. Construction is scheduled to begin in April.

Phillip Island, Victoria is a well known tourist destination regularly hosting around 3.5 million visitors each year. Its permanent population figure of 8,000 swells to over 50,000 during the summer months and major events.
The existing water services to Phillip Island comprise of a 400mm diameter steel pipeline and 375mm hobas pipeline which are suspended beneath the San Remo Bridge. The steel main is over 30 years old and the hobas pipeline is 19 years old.
Westernport Water Managing Director, Mr. Murray Jackson indicated “Failure of these pipes attached to the bridge would effectively and immediately isolate Phillip Island from its drinking water supply source.”
Westernport Water has been progressing a project to increase reliability of the water supply infrastructure to Phillip Island. In December 2010 Westernport Water announced that contracts had been awarded to COE Drilling for the design, engineering and construction of an under channel water pipeline between San Remo and Newhaven.
“These works were identified as a priority considering the age of existing water mains and critical importance of supply to Phillip Island. Providing an alternative independent drinking water supply main from San Remo to Phillip Island, under the channel using horizontal directional drilling proved to be the most reliable option.” Said Mr. Jackson
“The under channel pipeline will also avert potential supply issues in the event an accident or natural disaster affects the under slung pipeline currently suspended from the bridge.” Mr. Jackson added
Through consultation with the San Remo Foreshore Committee, Bass Coast Shire Council and Westernport Water’s Community Consultative Panel the commencement of works for the under channel pipeline has been postponed to April 2011 to minimise disruption to visitors and important local events.
Westernport Water estimates the project to be completed by the end of July 2011.
If you would like to find out more about the under channel pipeline project and water supply to Phillip Island. Westernport Water has planned a community meeting on Wednesday March 30 at 7pm, at the San Remo Community Recreation Reserve, Wynne Rd San Remo.
Project Outline
The project will involve installation of 450mm diameter (PE100) water main from San Remo to Newhaven under the eastern channel of the Westernport Bay. The pipeline will be installed by using horizontal directional drilling and the length of the bore will be 864m between the entry and exit points. The pipe will be installed in the bored tunnel which is approximately 10m below the sea bed and 40 metres clear of the existing bridge.
The project activities will be within 200m of the High Water Mark (HWM) and no permanent structures will be sitting above ground. During the construction entry and exist pits will be excavated on the Newhaven side and San Remo side respectively, on completion these areas will be backfilled and reinstated to the original condition.
Works on the San Remo side will be limited to a 15 meter x 25 meter area on the public reserve. The Newhaven site will be on the Council reserve between Old Bridge Road and Phillip Island Tourist Road.
All sites will be fully fenced and secured during the construction and Westernport Water does not anticipate any disruption to the public. Residents around the sites will be fully informed prior to construction commencement.
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