Westernport Water plans to meet all of its electricity demands from renewable energy sources by 2025 in line with the State Government’s Whole of Government Pledge.

According to surveys conducted as part of our water price review, we know that customers want us to focus on reducing our emissions and providing sustainable environmental outcomes for the community.

Under Water for Victoria, the Victorian Government has set ambitious emissions reduction targets on the path to net-zero. Victorian water corporations have committed to reducing their collective greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2025.

As well as meeting all of our electricity demands from renewable energy by 2025, Westernport Water is accelerating its emissions reduction ambitions to 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions much sooner than our 2050 goal. We will explore how Westernport Water delivers on these goals with customers at two customer forums we’re running in April.

During the customer forums, we will provide information and proposals for action on climate change and then seek customer feedback to determine the approach that best meets customer priorities while balancing affordability.

The forums are an opportunity for customers to influence the actions, projects and prices for the five years from 2023 to 2028 and are open to anyone who lives, works or owns property in Westernport Water’s service area.

Some of the proposals include: ­

  • increasing renewable energy generation to power treatment plants, and reducing reliance on grid-based electricity
  • waste to energy biogas cogeneration plant – that will both reduce direct emissions from wastewater and provide renewable energy
  • long term strategies to reduce ocean outfall and increase reuse options
  • the use of nature-based approaches to support wastewater treatment and reuse through wetland systems
  • a transition to electric vehicles and the provision of supporting EV charging stations.

Quotes attributed to Westernport Water’s Managing Director, Dona Tantirimudalige

“We are committed to action on climate change and are using science-based methods to inform plans and make all attempts to limit impacts from our operations.”

“Westernport Water’s proposed actions on climate change aim to provide efficiencies and deliver reduced costs to operate water and wastewater services, which helps us to keep prices as low as possible for customers.”

“Creating business efficiencies remains a big driver for us and investing in renewable energy needs to be well planned to avoid price shocks for customers.”

“If you’re passionate about climate change and want to be part of planning and decision-making, please register for the upcoming forums. You don’t need any special knowledge or expertise to get involved – just a voice and a willingness to participate. We will even pay you for your time in the form of a $100 credit on your water bill or a family pass to Phillip Island Nature Parks.”

To register your interest in being part of our forums, visit


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