Recycled Water Grant Program banner
Recycled Water Grant banner

Recycled Water Grant Program

Recycled Water Grants are designed to help local businesses and not-for-profit organisations invest in connecting to Westernport Water’s existing recycled water network on Phillip Island, with the aim of improving their overall water efficiency of their businesses, supporting economic development and helping customers prepare for climate variability.

  • The grants are open to businesses and not for profit organisations within the Westernport Water service area and within proximity to the recycled water network to enable connection.

  • Businesses must provide estimates of the volume of recycled water they will require and an outline of the period they plan to consume the water (refer Project Proposal).[Link]

  • The grant can be claimed for 75% of the cost, up to a maximum grant amount of $10,000 (e.g. if the project costs $10,000, the business will contribute $2,500 and Westernport Water will grant $7,500). Grants are subject to funding availability.

  • Applications and projects will be assessed on an individual basis against the Assessment Criteria, as and be approved by the Board.

  • Following assessment of viability of each project, Westernport Water will provide written notification to each grantee, detailing conditions and payment terms.

  • Applicants must address the Assessment Criteria as noted in the Guidelines. Download the Information & Application form pack below.

How do I apply?

Applications open on 1 July 2016 and must be received by 12 August 2016.  Applicants must complete the required forms (see below) and attach all required supporting information. Applications may be submitted electronically.

Grant and Application information

Click the links below to download required forms 

Information & Application form pack (PDF file)

Information & Application form pack (editable Word file)

Note: Funding will not be provided to individuals. Evidence of Australian Business Number (ABN) details must be provided.

For more information on our Recycled Water, please visit

Westernport Water uses this information collected through the grant program, including personal information, from organisations interested in the grant process. The Corporation will use this personal information only for the purpose for managing the grant process. For further information please refer to Personal Information Collection Notice or the Recycled Water Grant Program or Westernport Water’s Personal Privacy Charter.

Recycled Water Network map