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Recycled Water Grant Program

Please contact Nick Stevens, 
Wastewater and Sustainability Officer by email to discuss future projects and support –

Under the 2020-21 Recycled Water Grant Program, Westernport Water is offering funds to connect to and/or distribute recycled water via the Class A distribution network on Phillip Island.

Westernport Water’s Recycled Water Grant Program is designed to help local business and not for profit organisations invest in connecting to the existing recycled water network, improve the overall water efficiency of their business, support economic development and help customers prepare for climate variability.

The grant can be claimed for 75% of the cost of a project, up to a maximum sum of $10,000 (e.g. If the project costs $10,000 the business will contribute $2,500 and Westernport Water will grant $7,500). Grants are subject to funding availability.

Projects that demonstrate a marked improvement in their business’ water efficiency and can deliver noticeable water savings or economic growth as a result of connection will be viewed favourably.

*Subject to eligibility and criteria detailed in the Recycled Water Grant Program – Application Package 2020-21 which contains:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Application Guidelines
  3. Project Proposal

Recycled Water Grant Program – Application Package 2020-21 (word)

Recycled Water Grant Program – Application Package 2020-21 (pdf)

Please read and/or complete each section carefully.

Applications open

Applications open on 18 December and close on 20 January 2021.

How to apply:
  • complete the required supplied forms (see link above for the editable Word file)
  • attach all required supporting information
  • email application to (with the subject line Recycled Water Grant Program).

Applications that are not received by the closing date will not be accepted.

If you need more time to prepare your application, please get in contact with Nick Stephens Wastewater and Sustainability Officer on the above email.

Note: Funding will not be provided to individuals. Evidence of Australian Business Number (ABN) details must be provided.

Project completion

Projects must be completed and acquittals received to enable grant funds to be claimed. Project completion dates will be negotiated with successful applicants.

For further information about Recycled Water, please visit

Westernport Water uses this information collected through the grant program, including personal information, from organisations interested in the grant process. The Corporation will use this personal information only for the purpose for managing the grant process. For further information please refer to Personal Information Collection Notice or the Recycled Water Grant Program or Westernport Water’s Personal Privacy Charter.

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