A deep-rooted environmental partnership

Healthy resilient communities are what we all strive for, people and organisations working together to improve our natural and built environments and to enhance social knowledge and capacity.

It is with this vision that Westernport Water and the Bass Coast Landcare Network first entered into a partnership back in 1999. Today, the partnership is still strong and is built on the key themes of good governance, trust, flexibility and a shared commitment to improving biodiversity in the Bass Coast region.

Westernport Water’s Managing Director, Peter Quigley said “As an organisation we recognise the value of our partnership with Landcare and the wonderful work they do in the community. We also take advantage of their skills and knowledge to help us sustainably manage our environmental resources”.

Underpinned by a Memorandum of Understanding, the partnership has been continued to 2021 and gives both organisations certainty for planning over the next five years. The partnership has two main components, partnership contribution and fee for service works.

“Our Operational Plan details the key activities and works to protect environmental values on our sites, and is reviewed annually to determine the value of projects,” said Mr Quigley.

“The Bass Coast Landcare Network brings added value to Westernport Water and Bass Coast through their relationships with regulators, local landholders and environmental interest groups. Landcare’s knowledge and involvement in Melbourne Waters Stream Frontage Management Program is one such example.”

“The stream frontage program directly compliments Westernport Water’s focus on improving water quality in the drinking water catchment and on Phillip Island,” said Mr Quigley.

Bass Coast Landcare Network chair, Mike Cleeland, praise the partnership. “Clearly this partnership is one we use as an example throughout the region. It has all the fundamentals in place. Westernport Water is passionate about supporting local organisations to deliver quality products and services to the community. We are proud that Westernport Water hold us in such high regard”.
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