National Ploughing Championships 2010

Phillip Island is the location for the 2010 National Ploughing Championships.

Twenty of the country’s best ploughmen will be fighting it out over freshly turned furrows.

And with forecasts predicting wet and windy conditions typical of Phillip Island at this time of year, competitors are in for a real challenge.

Westernport Water is providing access to its land and some in-kind support for the event being run by the National Ploughing Association.

This weekend will see the top seven conventional and top four reversible ploughmen from each state compete in the national championship.

Two winning competitors will then go on to compete in the world titles for Conventional Champion and Reversible Champion.

Farmers will be combining technical precision with speed against the clock.

Points are awarded for neatness, uniformity and for close furrows laid firmly together with no holes or grass matter showing.

Two types of ploughs are used: furrow mouldboard ploughs or conventional ploughs.

Reversible ploughing was introduced at world level in about 1990.

Reversible ploughing uses two mouldboard ploughs with one plough up in the air while the other works a row.

At the end of the row the plough is turned over so the other plough can be used to work the furrow so the field is worked in a consistent direction.

Spectators are welcome, food and drinks will be available on site supplied by the National Ploughing Association.  Don’t forget to bring your gum boots.

This event is alcohol free and no pets allowed.

Friday 2 July 2010
Saturday 3 July 2010

Friday 10.30 – 3pm
Saturday 9.30 – 2pm

Farmland near Wimbeldon Heights
113 Ventnor Beach Rd
Parking access just past the Wimbeldon Heights Estate on Ventnor Beach Rd

Ploughing for Aussie gold: local Adrian Tilling, pictured here at the World Championships New Zealand 2009, will be competing this weekend – photo courtesy of ABC Gippsland.