Media Release – Annual Report 2014

Good planning credited for positive result in Westernport Water’s Annual Report.

Westernport Water’s completion of its water supply security projects to ensure the region’s liveable and sustainable future has been a major achievement for the year, according to Managing Director Murray Jackson.
Mr Jackson said the corporation’s 2014 Annual Report released today showed a modest profit of $0.9 million, which he attributed to good planning and effective execution of strategic projects.
“We are continually looking to improve our water and wastewater services and explore localised solutions to meet the future needs of our customers and community,” Mr Jackson said.
“We recently completed a project that involved the physical connection to the Melbourne supply system. Final testing and commissioning of this connection will be carried out over the coming months.
“We also recently completed the Candowie Upgrade project, on time and on budget, to double the holding capacity and security of supply for the community until 2050.
“All this work shows our targeted approach to renewals and replacements have served us well. Profits and retained earnings are necessary for the corporation to support future infrastructure developments.
“This year, with the Fairer Water Bills initiative, we placed an increased focus on identifying opportunities across the water industry to deliver financial benefits that can be passed onto our customers.
“I am pleased that the efficiencies identified have enabled Westernport Water to provide customer rebate savings of $23 in the first year, which will be passed on to customers in January 2015. This is expected to progressively increase to $30 per annum by 2018,” he said.
Other performance highlights in the 2014 Annual Report include:
  • the establishment of a strategic alliance with the four Gippsland water corporations through a Memorandum of Understanding, providing opportunities for collaboration, economies of scale, sharing of resources, and other partnership possibilities to deliver joint efficiency improvements;


  • the completion of an investigation into whole-of-water-cycle options for the provision of water and wastewater services in the San Remo region. Through extensive community consultation, Westernport Water and Bass Coast Shire will further develop a model that will contribute to the liveability of this environmentally sensitive coastal area;


  • the EPA Victoria’s approval of Westernport Water’s Regional Environment Improvement Plan, and the successful completion of the first trial application of biosolids to private agricultural land on Phillip Island. Biosolids, a by-product from the wastewater treatment process, provide a soil conditioner by making nutrients and organic carbon available to improve crop yields and pasture performance; and


  • the development of a community orchard. Westernport Water has partnered with the community to create the Phillip Island Community Orchard to be run solely by volunteers to share, inspire and educate the local community about sustainable gardening and the safe use of recycled water.
Mr Jackson said Westernport Water’s water future was secure however it would continue to find new and efficient ways of doing business.

Click here to download the full – 2014 Annual Report