Customer surveys to help drive efficiencies

Gippsland’s four water corporations, Westernport Water, East Gippsland Water, Gippsland Water and South Gippsland Water are to start telephone surveys of residential customers in coming weeks.

Speaking on behalf of the four corporations, General Manager of Customer Services and Communications at Gippsland Water Paul Clark said the surveys are an important factor in helping plan for the future. “All the Gippsland water corporations are very keen to hear what customers have to say on a variety of issues ranging from value to customer service and future planning priorities. The feedback we get from these telephone surveys allows each corporation to better understand and respond to community needs and concerns and plan for the years ahead.”
The surveys will be conducted by independent contractor Insync Surveys and commence after school holidays from October 1st to October 21st. Each survey will take around 10 minutes to carry out.
“This is the first time that all four local water corporations have come together to do this type of work,” said Mr Clark.
Our ability to cooperate on projects like this means that we are saving money and continuing to put downward pressure on prices for customers but maintain the high standard service that customers expect,” added Mr Clark.
The Gippsland water corporations signed a Memorandum of Understanding in November 2013 to work more closely together in an effort to identify efficiencies and save money.
“By working collaboratively on this project alone we have been able to source a more competitive price and find savings in the tens of thousands of dollars, that is being passed onto our customers,” concluded Mr Clark.
The Memorandum of Understanding is also being used to find efficiencies in procurement and a range of back office operations that each of the corporations is engaged in.