Environment and Sustainability is alive on the the Island

Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm wins the Environment and Sustainability award sponsored by Westernport Water.

Supporting local business and driving environment and sustainability initiatives is something Westernport Water values.
For the fourth year in a row Westernport Water has supported the Bass Coast SuerPages Business Awards, sponsoring the Environment and Sustainability category. This year the award was presented to Rhyll Trout & Bush Tucker Farm at an awards night in San Remo.
The Trout & Bush Tucker Farm is the only fish farm on Phillip Island and, unlike traditional trout farms, the business offers fishing enthusiasts a natural fishing experience in a family friendly environment.
Their environmental practices have included planting 22,000 indigenous plants on the property and this continues with their ongoing participation in the Landcare Wildlife Corridor Program.
Their water wise practices include natural filtration, re-use of water in trout ponds and collection of rainwater in storage tanks totalling 110,000 litres.
Waste water is treated on site with an ‘Ecomax’ treatment plant which requires no power to operate.  All fish waste is naturally composted and used to feed the worm farms and plants. Garden and kitchen waste is used to feed the farm chickens.
The Trout and Bush Tucker Farm are a prime example of what can be achieved, just last year they were also awarded the highest reduction in water use in the business section at the Sustaining Coastal Communities Awards saving 60% of their water usage annually.
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