Customers have their say

Westernport Water annual Customer Satisfaction Survey will be conducted between the 3-16 October 2012. The survey is completely anonymous, providing customers with an opportunity to provide feedback on our service and performance.

20 September 2012
 Westernport Water is currently preparing to commence their annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2012. Customer feedback is used when developing future plans to improve the organisation’s overall service delivery.
 “Identifying and understanding customer needs, expectations and issues provides us with valuable insight. Results from these surveys are a vital tool for helping shape our future Water Plans.” commented Murray Jackson, Managing Director Westernport Water.
The customer survey has been conducted annually since 2004 resulting in a steady increase in customer satisfaction, with the 2011 survey producing the highest overall satisfaction results in 9 years of 95%.
 “I am very proud to see our constant efforts to improve service delivery being acknowledged and appreciated by our customers. We have worked hard to keep our costs down, secure future water supplies and improve water quality.”
 “However there is always room for improvement and this questionnaire is a positive way for customers to voice their opinions which in turn establishes our performance benchmarks.” replied Mr. Jackson.
 Last year’s results identified customer satisfaction with pricing, customer service, water supply, wastewater, and the value of service Westernport Water provides. Water-quality was identified as an issue for improvement, and several key projects have since been undertaken to further upgrade water-quality.
 “Responding to customer feedback on water-quality, the corporation has increased its ‘air scouring’ program which cleans the inside of water pipe lines, introduced ‘chloramniation’ – a new treatment process addressing taste and odor, and continued routine maintenance programs ensures delivery of the best possible quality of water.”
 Customers will be contacted at random and invited to take part in a simple 10 minute survey conducted by an independent research company, Fieldworks. The survey is completely anonymous with no personal information forwarded to Westernport Water. Calls are scheduled to take place between the 3rd – 16th October 2012.
 If you have any queries regarding this survey, or would like to be listed on the “Do Not Call” register, contact Westernport Water on 1300 720 711.   Alternatively contact the Communications Manager, Geoff Russell on 5956 4140 or via