Candowie Reservoir reaches capacity

Candowie Reservoir reaches capacity


Candowie Reservoir, Westernport Water’s water storage, began spilling on Thursday (14 September 2017) following steady rainfall throughout August and September.

Peter Brown changing sign for Candowie ReservoirWesternport Water’s Managing Director Peter Quigley said that the region’s water supply was in a healthy position.

“This is only the second time since the reservoir wall was raised in 2013 that we have reached full supply,” said Mr Quigley.

“The inflows of water over the past two months have seen the water supply rise quickly, with 4,463 million litres now in storage. This equates to approximately two years of average water consumption in our service area.

“Westernport Water continues to invest in measures to improve water efficiency, and make better use of recycled water, to reduce our reliance on drinking water and protect our environment,” said Mr Quigley.