Interruption to water supplies – pipe cleaning maintenance for better quality water

Westernport Water will undertake annual water mains pipe cleaning from Wednesday 11 November until Thursday 19 November. Works will affect premises with a reticulated water supply at Corinella, Coronet Bay, Dalyston, Archies Creek, Kilcunda, San Remo, Tenby Point, Bass, Grantville, Pioneer Bay and Woolamai.

We are undertaking this work as part of a planned program to improve water quality. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience to our customers.

Interruption to supplies
Water will be cut for brief periods as teams use high-pressured air to clean the water pipes. Customers will be advised of the shutdown times via a notification delivered to the property.

District                                                                     Work Times                              Work days

Corinella                                                                      9am-1pm and 12pm-4pm             Wed 11 Nov to Fri 13 Nov

Coronet Bay                                                                9am-2pm and 12pm-4pm              Thurs 12 Nov to Sat 14 Nov

Dalyston-Archies Creek                                           9am-1pm and 12pm-4pm             Wed18 Nov to Thurs 19 Nov

Kilcunda                                                                     9am-1pm and 12pm-4pm              Mon 16 Nov to Tues17 Nov

San Remo                                                                   9am-1pm and 12pm-4pm              Sat14 Nov to Tues17 Nov

San Remo (commercial and business precinct
(works at night)                                                        10pm-4am                                        Mon 16 Nov to Tues 17 Nov

Tenby Point                                                               12pm-4pm                                        Wed11 Nov

Woolamai                                                                   9am-1pm                                          Wed11 Nov

Bass                                                                             9am-1pm and 12pm-4pm             Mon 23 Nov

Grantville                                                                   9am-1pm and 12pm-4pm             Fri 20 Nov, Sat21 Nov and Mon 23 Nov

Pioneer Bay                                                               12pm-4pm                                        Mon 23 Nov


What to do before the interruption. Please fill –


  • Your kettle or jugs for use if needed.
  • Buckets for toilet flushing.
  • Sinks or other suitable containers for washing, cooking, etc.


To prevent any damage to your hot water system and any other water appliances prior to the interruption please turn off your stop tap at the meter until the water supply is restored. This will prevent any discoloured water from entering your internal service.

DO NOT operate any taps or water using appliances between the hours stated on this notice.  If one is inadvertently opened, DO NOTleave it turned on or operational.


What NOT to do during the interruption period

  • Do not turn on hot or cold taps, inside or outside the house. Appliances connected to the water supply may be damaged when the water supply is reconnected.


What to do after the interruption period

  • Turn the tap controlling the supply at the meter and run the rear garden tap until the water is clear. Then run a small quantity of water from all taps on the property until there is a continuous clear flow from each one. Do not use a washing machine or water using appliance until the water is running clear and free from air.
  • The water may look cloudy due to air or particles in the water. If so you can run an outside tap, the one furthermost from the water meter (backyard tap). It may take a few minutes to clear the water.
  • After running the taps, the water will be completely safe to drink. But customers might notice a temporary milkiness in their water’s appearance caused by tiny air bubbles in the water. This disappears when the water is allowed to settle for a while.


Contact Westernport Water

For more information, telephone 1300 720 711. In the case of an emergency, call 1800 249090, 24 hours a day. 


What if I am elderly, infirm, frail or have special requirements?

For registered, special needs customers or if you are in a circumstance that requires continuous water supply please do not hesitate to call Westernport Water on 1300 720 711 during office hours, if you have any questions about this interruption of service. You can also call our Water Quality Officer, Dean Chambers, 0417 366 475, if you would need further advice.


Murray Jackson
Managing Director