Water supply services fully restored

Phillip Island residents please note services have been fully restored.

Successful repair works have been completed and Phillip Island residents can rest assured the necessary steps have taken place to ensure supply.
Tuesday evening our 375mm diameter cross channel supply pipe experienced a burst at the western bank. Our crew have successfully isolated this pipe and we are now using the larger diameter steel pipe to supply drinking water to Phillip Island.
Work is currently underway to reinstate the affected areas, and ensure public safety.
Customers may experience discoloration or air in the water which can be removed by simply flushing your taps. Holiday makers should do this as a precautionary practice after a long absence. Preferably use a back yard tap which is furthest away from the front of the property.
Westernport Water thanks you for your understanding and patience and apologises for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
For further information, questions or concerns please call Westernport Water. The phone number to call is 1800 249 090. Or watch our website www.westernportwater.com.au for further updates.