Water quality improvements recognised

Responsible for supplying safe, clean and high quality drinking water, Westernport Water reports on its water quality performance for 2012-13.

Announcing the release of its 2013 Annual Water Quality Report Westernport Water’s Water Quality Officer Jake Weir said the report provides information on the treatment process, quality of drinking water, improvements undertaken and customer complaints relating to water quality.


“This year was very satisfying, our commitment to improving water quality was recognised with greater than 50% reduction in customer complaints compared to 2011-12,” said Mr Weir.


“The focus on water quality has proven successful with 100% of the 14,000 water samples taken throughout the year complying with the Safe Drinking Water Regulations. This is a result of targeted programs to improve water quality.


“We are very pleased with the results and are confident in delivering the highest possible quality of drinking water to our customers. Operators monitor the water supply and treatment process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we engage an accredited independent laboratory to provide analysis,” Mr Weir said.


To ensure the integrity of the water supply network the Corporation undertakes planned maintenance activities throughout the year and are reported in the Annual Water Quality Report, these include;


–       Increased focused on water treatment, resulted in longer filter runtimes and improved water quality,


–       Chloramination disinfection was extended to the Grantville locality. This treatment method now supplies 99% of Westernport Water customers,


–       A extensive re-vegetation plan with 40,000 native trees has commenced at Candowie Reservoir. The re-vegetation along with the construction of a perimeter track provides a buffer zone as a multi barrier approach to protect the water supply, and improve water quality runoff.


–       An independent review of the treatment plant processes was undertaken and findings implemented which resulted in a number of improvements.


–       The annual air scouring program for pipelines continued with over 67km of water pipes improving the clarity of water delivered.



To obtain a copy of the 2012/2013 Annual Water Quality Report click here or call Customer Service on 1300 720 711

For all water quality enquiries: Jake Weir, Water Quality Officer, 1300 720 711