Water fluoridation in the Westernport Water drinking water system

The Secretary of the Department of Human Services has instructed Westernport Water to introduce fluoride under Section 5 (1) of the Health Fluoridation Act 1973.


A fluoridation plant has recently been built at Candowie Reservoir – the reservoir that supplies drinking water toWesternport Water customers. The system will be brought into full operation over several weeks from 28 December 2009.

What locations will benefit?

Locations that will receive the benefits of water fluoridation will be Anderson, Archies Creek, Bass, Cape Woolamai, Corinella, Coronet Bay, Cowes, Dalyston, Glen Forbes, Grantville, Kilcunda, Newhaven, Pioneer Bay, Rhyll, San Remo, Silverleaves, Smiths Beach, Sunderland Bay, Sunset Strip, Surf Beach, Tenby Point, Ventnor, WimbledonHeights and Woolamai.


Will it change the taste or smell of the water?


At one part per million, fluoride doesn’t change the taste or smell of water. Fluoride is a naturally occurring element in water, and the addition of this amount will not be noticeable.


Will I have to pay more if my water is fluoridated?

The construction costs will be met by the Department of Human Services. Westernport Water’s tariffs are regulated by the Essential Services Commission. Operational costs for fluoridation have been included in the 2008-2013 Water Plan.


Victoria’s Chief Health Officr is sending advice to all Westernport Water customers about the need to stop using any fluoride supplements.


If customers would like more information about the fluoridation program they can:

–        call the tollfree Department of Health water fluoridation information line on 1800 651 723

–        visit the Department of Health water fluoridation websitewww.health.vic.gov.au/environment/fluoridation

–        talk to your dental professional, GP, pharmacist or maternal and child health nurse.