Upgrading wastewater services for the future

Wastewater Futures Road Closure

Westernport Water will commence the third stage of the $4.2 million Cowes Wastewater Futures Project from the start of April 2017.

Gareth Kennedy, Westernport Water’s General Manager of Customer and Community, said that the upcoming upgrade will focus on a major wastewater pipeline running along PWastewater Futures project signyramid Rock Road, between Ventnor Road and Ventnor Beach Road.

“While the upgrade is essential to cater for increased demand, minimal impacts to the community are expected.”

“Work is anticipated to be completed by the end of May this year and wastewater services will not be affected. During this time, Pyramid Rock Road will only be accessible to local traffic between Ventnor Road and Ventnor Beach Road. Road users are advised to expect short delays,” said Mr Kennedy.

“The infrastructure that we are laying now will serve residents and visitors to Phillip Island for generations to come,” said Mr Kennedy.