Toilet rebate scheme flushes waste

Save water in your home by installing a water efficient toilet as part of the Dual-flush Replacement Program!

Westernport Water is offering a $100 dollar up-front rebate for customers, with three different Caroma model toilets to choose from. Simply make an appointment by calling the phone number below and Westernport Water will organise all the details, making it easier than ever to conserve water.
The program is now in its third year and has expanded to include a number of Victorian water corporations. Since its inception, almost 14,000 dual-flush toilets have been installed across the Melbourne Metro, Central Highlands and Westernport water regions.
This equates to an estimated saving of over 486,010,000 litres of water over the past two years! That’s enough to water to fill 900 Olympic-size swimming pools! With the program now expanding to parts of Western Australia, it is continuing to provide users with a cost effective and efficient way to reduce water savings.
Call 1300 2 FLUSH (1300 235 874) to make an appointment and upgrade to a dual-flush toilet today! For further information, visit our ‘Toilet retrofit’ section.