New range available in Showerhead Exchange Program

Westernport Water is extending its free Showerhead Exchange Program to local business and corporate customers, as well as offering an expanded range of models.

We have opened the program to business in the hopes that it will help reduce water consumption and help them save on utility costs, said Murray Jackson, Managing Director of Westernport Water.
Two standard types are available; a high/low arm showerhead as well as a brand new hand-held shower type. Both models have a 3 Star water rating and use between 7.5 and 9 litres per minute, saving approximately 13 litres a minute when compared to a conventional shower. This equates to over 9,000 litres a year.
According to Mr Jackson, This initiative would be particularly relevant to accommodation providers, allowing them to upgrade all of their showerhead models at no cost and see an instant saving in water consumption. I urge everyone to take advantage of this great opportunity while stocks last.
Customers can select either model for free when they exchange their old showerhead at the Westernport Water office in Newhaven. Installation is incredibly simple with step by step instructions provided and the only tool required is an adjustable spanner.
Businesses should contact Water Program Coordinator Taylor Hammond on 5956 4187 for further information and to discuss potential options.