National Water Week – Water for me, water for all

This year’s National Water Week runs from 21-27 October, with the theme ‘Water for me, Water for all’.

“National Water Week is a call for everyone in our community to think about how we use water and how we can protect it so we all have it in the future,” said Westernport Water’s Managing Director Peter Quigley.

“With above average temperatures forecast for this summer, it’s important that we are all mindful of our water use.”

“National Water Week is a timely reminder for everyone that Permanent Water Saving Rules remain in place all year round throughout Victoria,” said Mr Quigley.

To ensure we conserve water now and into the future, all water users are required to follow five simple common sense water saving rules.

Permanent Water Saving Rules
1. hand held hoses must be leak free and fitted with a trigger nozzle.
2. water your garden anytime between 6pm and 10am with a hand held hose
3. public gardens and playing surfaces may be watered using a watering system between 6pm and 10am
4. fountains and water features must recirculate the water; and
5. hard surfaces may only be washed once per season or when cleaning is required as a result of a hazard

*Note, recycled water customers can enjoy unrestricted water use in accordance with Class A recycled water guidelines, preferably with a low flow, high pressure device.

Aside from following these permanent water saving rules, there are many other simple things we can all do within the home and workplace including:

  • using the half flush when flushing the toilet
  • fixing leaks
  • installing a pool cover
  • installing water saving devices, such as shower heads and taps
  • waiting until washing machines and dishwashers are full before turning on
  • limiting showers to 4 minutes
  • planting water wise gardens with native plants

Visit Westernport Water’s website for more water saving advice from Smart Approved WaterMark

Poster Competition

In the lead up to National Water Week, primary school students from across Victoria were once again invited to create a poster displaying water related issues that are important to their local community.

Westernport Water received entries from most local primary schools, and once more the artistic talent of students was fantastic.

“It was a delight to see the creativity students displayed in their posters, in particular how water is at the heart of our unique coastal culture,” said Mr Quigley.

“I congratulate our schools, teachers and students for their wonderful work,” said Mr Quigley.

Westernport Water staff will be attending school assemblies this week to announce poster competition winners as part of National Water Week celebrations and winners will also be congratulated in next week’s newspaper.

Download a copy of the  National Water Week – Media Release – 22-10-2018

Media enquiries – Geoff Russell Manager Communications and Engagement on 0413 009 636.