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Judged the best tasting tap water in Victoria

Westernport Water was recognised as having Victoria’s best tasting tap water at the recent Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) 2021 Best Tasting Tap Water competition.

Water samples from Westernport Water’s Ian Bartlett Purification Plant were judged by a panel of water experts against samples from water corporations across regional and metropolitan areas. Judges focused on qualities such as colour, clarity, odour and mouthfeel during blind taste tests.

The water taste test offers a good way to compare tap water and recognise the efforts of water corporations and their water treatment teams in delivering quality water products and services.

As the Victorian winner, Westernport Water’s samples will now go on to be judged in the Australian competition, which is hosted by the current title holder early next year.

Quotes attributed to WIOA Chief Operations Officer, Craig Mathieson

“I’d like to congratulate Westernport Water on winning the 2021 Best Tasting Tap Water in Victoria this year.”

“The competition recognises and acknowledges individuals and organisations that are stepping up, some in very trying circumstances, to make sure their communities are supplied with safe drinking water every day.”

“We want to use the competition to let people know the great work that is going on in local communities around Australia and help shape and secure Australia’s water future.”

Quotes attributed to Westernport Water’s Managing Director, Dona Tantirimudalige

“Being acknowledged by the water industry shows that the daily efforts of our dedicated team, which are making a difference. It’s a testament to our Water Treatment Team’s focus on continual improvements.”

“Our team should be proud of this accomplishment, they work tirelessly to provide high quality tap water to our customers and community year-round and it’s great that they have been recognised by their peers.”

“Many of us turn on the tap or flush the toilet without considering what it takes to operate and maintain the infrastructure that produces and delivers water to our communities and homes 24 hours a day, every day of the year.”

“We have been continually making improvements to our water treatment assets, including the installation of UV disinfection, implementation of a continuous vertical raw water profiler, filter to waste and upgrade of the carbon dosing facility.”

“Over recent years, there has also been a focus on improving the water network with the construction of a backup treated drinking water storage at Wimbledon Heights, renewal of large sections of water mains, and maintaining the water pipes with annual cleaning programs.”

“Our team routinely perform field checks, maintenance and laboratory analysis, and they also personally conduct taste and odour tests to make sure the water we deliver to customers is of a high quality.”

“We’re going through a price review process at the moment and receiving customer feedback on what they think about our water services, water supply and water prices.”

“We know that customers value quality and consistency in our drinking water and we are committed to investing in future projects to make our water taste even better.”

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