Investigative work begins

Phillip Island Recycled Water Scheme begins investigative works on abandoned water main to determine its suitabiltiy for use as a sleve to carry the new purple pipe for class A distribution into the Cowes CBD

We will be conducting planned investigative work on the abandoned concrete main along Phillip Island Road between Wimbledon Heights and the Cowes Rhyll / Ventnor Road roundabout with a view to using the old Cowes supply main for the new class A water reticulation.
We will be excavating the old water main in various locations and cutting a hole in the pipe to insert our CCTV equipment to survey the internal condition of the pipe & check suitability for use as a sleeve to carry a new purple pipe into the Cowes CBD.
Excavation is planned to commence in the next two weeks. There will be some minor disruption to pedestrian traffic along the bike path, which will be reinstated when works are completed.