Improved water quality for Grantville, Pioneer Bay and surrounding areas

Chloramination, a treatment process designed to reduce chlorine taste and odour in drinking water, soon to flow to customers in….

Chloramination, a treatment process designed to reduce chlorine taste and odour in drinking water, has been introduced into Westernport Water reticulation. It will soon flow to customers in the Grantville and Pioneer Bay areas, including Stanley Rd, Deep Creek Estate and customers on Grantville-Glen Alvie Road.
Managing Director of Westernport Water, Murray Jackson said “this will complete the transition to the new treatment process across its entire water supply district.”
Chloramination has been used for more than 70 years in Australia and our decision to transition to the improved treatment process follows successful trials by Westernport Water across the remainder of its water supply network.
“Chloramination offers longer lasting treatment than chlorine only. By adding a small amount of ammonia it reduces the amount of chlorine required to make the water safe. Customer feedback since the introduction of chloramination has shown it to be very effective in improving taste and odour.
“Customer’s reported back to us ‘the water tastes better, smells better, and even looks better’…,” Mr Jackson said.
“Westernport Water has worked hard to secure the region’s water supply and is keen to further enhance the drinking water we deliver to all areas.
“The aim of improving our disinfection process is to address water quality concerns that have been raised by our customers in these areas. According to our customer satisfaction survey, customers in these areas indicated that they would like to reduce the amount of chlorine in the water. Our Chloramination program will achieve this.” Mr Jackson said.
Customer’s with pet aquarium and/or pond fish should be aware that water treated with chloramination must be further treated with a water conditioning agent, removing the chloramines to make it safe for your fish.  Customers who own pet fish should seek advice from your local pet shop who will stock the appropriate conditioning agents.
People with kidney ailments and other medical conditions can safely drink the water, and people on dialysis need to continue the practice of filtering the water they use it in their machines.
Westernport Water is planning to introduce the new treatment process mid-June and will inform all customers in writing of the planned changes to the water treatment process prior to the transition.
For additional information please contact our Water Quality Officer Jake Weir on 1300 720 711.