Illegal dumping of greasy waste into sewer system

Westernport Water has experienced large quantities of oil and greasy waste appearing in the sewer system.

Liquid wastes can be hazardous or potentially harmful to human health. Dumping of any form of liquid waste in the waste water collection system can also cause obstructions and could result in potential sewer overflows to local waterways.
As Murray Jackson Managing Director of Westernport Water points out; “this kind of commercial or industrial waste requires correct disposal. If not properly managed, this waste can cause adverse pollution and impacts on the environment and our treatment plants and equipment.”
It is an offence under section 27A of the Environment and Protection Act 1970 to dump industrial waste at a place not licensed to accept the waste. Any person found doing so could face prosecution and financial penalties.
Mr. Jackson said, “Westernport Water can organise for a licensed trade waste provider to clean out commercial or industrial customer grease traps. Further information regarding our additional services can be found on our website or by phoning our customer service team on 1300 720 711.”
“I urge the community to report anything suspicious. If you believe you have witnessed anyone illegally dumping liquid or greasy wastes please call the EPA pollution hotline on 1300 372 842  (1300 EPA VIC).”