Faulty braided tap hoses responsible for flood damage

Customer warning… failure of braided flexible tap hoses results in costly flood damage.

Over the last 6 months Westernport Water has received a number of reported cases of flood damage to properties in the area due to failure of flexible braided hoses.
Flexible braided hoses are a common plumbing fixture used to connect taps and appliances in homes and businesses. Braided flexible hoses comprise of a rubber type hose protected by a braided stainless steel covering.
Braided flexible hoses do not last forever, they have a relatively short life span compared to copper pipe and need to be replaced preventatively as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Consumers should be aware that, braided flexible hoses are required to be WaterMarked in accordance with AS/NZ 3499:2006 Water supply-flexible hose assemblies. This standard requires each hose to be marked indicating their suitability for different applications.
Manufacturers of braided hoses have a variety of different products on the market rated for different applications, it is essential that manufacturer’s installation instructions are followed and the hoses are installed by a registered plumber.
To avoid costly damage to your property, you should have your braided flexible hoses checked. Westernport Water recommends you seek professional advice in regards to maintaining or replacing your braided hoses.