Effective water treatment reduces chemicals

Transition to the alternative water treatment process called ‘Chloramination’ has delivered very positive results for Westernport Water customers.

Customers should be aware that adopting this alternative water treatment method has many benefits, including reducing the amount of chlorine required to effectively ensure our water meets strict water quality standards.
Dean Chambers, Westernport Water’s Water Quality Officer, explains  “Previously we had to re-chlorinate throughout the system up to five times, to guarantee safe and healthy water to the regions that experience low demand.”
“I am happy to report, as a direct result of the Chloramination process, we have been able to turn off all additional chlorine dosing stations on Phillip Island, significantly reducing the volume of chlorine and associated costs.”
The driver behind this water quality project originally came in response to customer concerns over the taste and odour of the water. “Reducing the amount and frequency of chlorine disinfection has clear benefits, especially in respect to the waters’ taste and smell,” said Mr Chambers.
Please note, customers who own aquarium fish must ensure they obtain the appropriate water neutraliser to maintain their aquarium. Local pet-shops have been advised.