Air scouring begins

Air scouring maintenance is scheduled to take place between Wednesday 17 & Thursday 25 Oct. During these works some areas may experience a temporary interruption to their water supply. Click on the heading above for a list of areas and a schedule of times and dates.

As part of a continuing program to improve water quality Westernport Water is planning to air scour the mains water pipes in several towns including Grantville, Pioneer Bay, Tenby Point, Coronet Bay, Rhyll, Ventnor, Silverleaves, and Wimbledon Heights.
Westernport Water will inform all affected customers, in writing, of the time and duration of the planned interruption to their water supply at least two working days in advance. Our team will leave a card at your property or in your mail box.
No interruption is planned to be longer than a period of four hours.
Following the flushing customers may notice a temporary change in the waters appearance. The water might appear cloudy, this is caused by the tiny air bubbles in the water. This disappears when the water is allowed to settle for a while, alternatively you can flush your rear tap until the water runs clear. The water is completely safe to drink.
This program is part of our water quality management program and will ensure we maintain the highest possible quality of water.
For general enquiries; or if you are a registered, special needs customers or you are in a circumstance that requires continuous supply of water, please contact our Water Quality Officer Dean Chambers on 1300 720 711
Below is a list of areas and the dates for these maintenance works. Please note that maintenance works may change as circumstances permit, please click on the date to see if your street will be affected.
Wed 17/10 – Ventnor & Coronet Bay
Further detail can be obtained by contacting our customer service team on 1300 720 711