Great place to work

We offer something that most cannot – a balanced place of work with plenty of opportunities, an exciting future, and a location that no other can match along the pristine waters of Phillip Island, Victoria. We wake up with the roar of waves colliding across rocks and the mist of briny air that fills your lungs. There are many reasons to love Phillip Island, and at Westernport Water, we think they’re all worth fighting for.

With refreshed leadership and a new positive culture, Westernport Water is leading the way for employers of choice. We have successfully created an environment that enables our people to be the best they can be.

We have developed engaged, aligned and high performing teams that live our values. Working with the best of the best, we have confidence in our workforce with a diverse range of capabilities and talents that reflects our own community.

Here, we don’t just talk about worklife balance… we live it. A unique tailored wellbeing program for every individual employee is just one of the perks of an organization that truly understands its greatest assets – its people.

Together with this, we understand our responsibility in the Bass Coast and Phillip Island region as one of the largest Corporations in the area. Therefore we offer the chance to be part of a team that is passionate about making a positive impact on our customers and community.

Jane Crump

I have worked for Westernport Water for over 10 years, and in that time I have had lots of opportunity to work in various roles and departments including customer service, meter reading, and even a stint at the Cowes Wastewater treatment plant. I’ve also had the opportunity to further my education, completing a Certificate IV in Government, a Diploma of Management, and I am looking to do a Certificate II in Water next year. It’s a terrific place to work with friendly staff and a great way to interact with the community.

Chaminda Jayasena

I like what I do here at Westernport Water –planning for future and delivering major engineering projects that help to ensure our customers have the best water and wastewater services. I enjoy all the people I work with and I like that I learn something new everyday. Working for a relatively small company there is a great deal of opportunity here and you can have a career – not just a job. The Corporation is really supportive in career development! I have recently completed my Masters in Engineering and been able to put the theory into practice managing large scale projects

Meg Humphrys

In my role at Westernport Water (WPW) I get to engage directly with the community to deliver sustainable outcomes through management of wastewater and its by-products at our treatment plants, including a recycled water scheme. Collaborations with research institutions are strongly supported by WPW. One of these current trials includes the application of biosolids (a by-product of the sewerage treatment process) to repair salt affected land in our community. This assists in minimising the waste generation at our treatment plants with the benefit of improving agricultural soils.

With a family like atmosphere, WPW provides a great work/life balance, enabling you to strive in your chosen field while also allowing opportunity to gain insight into other aspects of its services. You may even enjoy a morning surf before work- what a place to work!