Load Limits for Oversize & Overmass Agricultural Vehicles & Implements whilst scaffolding is installed for the three central spans of the Phillip Island / San Remo Bridge from late June to late September 2024. Exact dates will be provided at 3 weeks’ notice.

Oversize & Overmass Agricultural Vehicles & Implements

Mapped Network NameExisting Mapped Status Mapped Status during works Note for applicable operator(s);
Advice on how to seek access during the works
Class 1 Oversize & Overmass Agricultural VehiclesApproved Conditionally
Conditional access. Vehicles at or below 42.5 tonnes GCM will be approved for access via map. Permits, obtained from the NHVR, will be required for access above 42.5 tonnes, to be considered on a case-by-case basis, dependent on time of day and traffic management conditions.
Class O Oversize Agricultural VehiclesApprovedApprovedNo operational impact