Our Environmental Policy Statement


Westernport Water is committed to the protection and enhancement of Westernport’s environment from actions of the organisation using rational economic and sustainable practices. We recognises that the well being of the community and the strength of their economy are dependent on the health of the environment.


Westernport Water will:

  • meet the organisations environment legislative and other related requirements, manage environmental aspects of the business to prevent pollution, through the use of an accredited environmental management system and training of staff and contractors
  • set objectives and targets and key performance indicators to monitor and strive to improve environmental performance
  • engage and consult with the community on the environmental policy and environmental performance against KPI’s. Work with stakeholders to identify and participate in sustainable solutions to regional environmental issues
  • utilise the waste hierarchy to maximise efficient use of resources through sustainable business decisions by implementing an integrated environmental management system; and
  • encourage Westernport Water’s staff, contractors and suppliers working for and on behalf of Westernport Water to strive for excellence in environmental management.