Two Westernport Water vehicles parked new job site

On this page you will find information on what water and sewerage works have been completed over the past week.

19 Sep 2017 Water main burst Silverleaves, Cowes Westernport Water advises that it was notified of a significant water main burst in the Silverleaves area at approximately 7.30 am today. Westernport Water crews responded immediately and are currently in attendance. Procedures have been activated to repair the break and restore water services to the area. Due to flooding in Honeysuckle Grove and Silverleaves Avenue residents are advised to avoid the area if possible. Further details regarding the extent and cause of the incident are unavailable at this time. Information will be made available as it comes to hand. Please direct all inquiries to Geoff Russell, Manager of Communications and Engagement, on (03) 5956 4140 or email
18 Sep 2017 Water outage Cowes Water off at 12:15PM. Affecting most of Morgan Street, Cowes. There are tree roots over the main. Water back on approximately 1:30-2:00pm.
24 Sep 2017 Water outage Potters Hill Road Water off at Potters Hill Road from 2pm. This will affect some farms on Phillip Island Tourist Road and Silverwater Resort. Should be back about 2:30pm
24 Sep 2017 Planned shutdown Whytesands Estate, Cowes 9.00am -3.00pm, 37 properties will be affected, Grampian Boulevard and Pearl Court, Cowes.