Westernport Water opens up with online board reports

Customers of Westernport Water now have a ‘virtual’ invitation into the corporation’s boardroom – a monthly report of board business is freely available online.

It is the first time the corporation’s board matters have been made public pro-actively and formally.
“We’re upping our accountability,” said Managing Director Murray Jackson. “Our overall aim is to be a water corporation recognised as being responsible to the people it serves.
“We have delivered on water quantity, we are working towards improved water quality and now we are addressing corporate transparency.”
The Westernport Water board meets monthly and the review of each meeting will be available online within a week of each meeting. Go to https://www.westernportwater.com.au/About/Boardmeetingoverview/ for a report on the April meeting.
“Of course, we cannot report on tenders and other price-sensitive information, but everything else is there,” Mr Jackson said. “The April report covers adequacy of supply, how we compared to other water corporations statewide, our efforts to improve water quality and fluoridation.
“It underlines our commitment to open governance,” he said.
“We welcome comments about the report and its content. There is an online feedback form at https://www.westernportwater.com.au/Contact/ or you are welcome to phone us on FREECALL 1300 720 711, or drop into the office at 2 Boys Home Rd, Newhaven.”