Water-quality monitoring goes 24/7

Better water quality went live last month when Westernport Water activated its fully computerised monitoring system.

The SCADA system uses computer-linked probes to constantly monitor levels of chlorine, turbidity, temperature as well as pH levels.
Properties from The Gurdies to Archies Creek and across Phillip Island are now under 24/7 surveillance for water quality.
The probes also measure the rate of water flow and act as early warning if there is a sudden break in supply.
Westernport Water managing director Murray Jackson said: “Now we can better-manage chlorine levels and keep a constant watch on both overall water quality and quantity. We believe our customers will start seeing – and tasting – the benefits of this investment in the regional water infrastructure.”
The SCADA project has been costed at $1m over five years.
“The first two years’ worth of works were completed in 12 months, so we’re pleased at being able to deliver this first important step ahead of time,” Mr Jackson said.
Westernport Water’s set-up is the leader of its type in Australia: a customised, mid-scale system designed for highly variable water flows caused by population fluctuations.
Managing director of the SCADA parent company, Control Microsystems, Peter King said: “Westernport Water provides an example of a very successful situation. The variation of population numbers makes its operations more challenging and uniquely interesting.”