Water price hike slows for local customers

Water bills for Westernport Water customers will rise slower than those of Melbourne-based water users over the next four years, according to newly released State Government figures.

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) has just released its approved tariff increases for Melbourne water companies – and they average increases of up to 64%.
Westernport Water customers face a gradual increase of only 24.73% over the same period.
Local customers received their water accounts last week. Managing Director Murray Jackson explained: “We implemented a new three-tiered pricing structure that encourages water conservation”.
Mr Jackson said: “The tiered pricing structure changes water-use behaviour by charging higher water users a higher price.
“Water use is charged in three tiers. The lowest tier represents the average household winter use, set at 33,000 litres or 33 kilolitres (kL) per four-month billing period. The next tier cuts off at up to 108kL and the top tier is for use above that figure.”
Mr Jackson said: “Our modelling shows that about 70% of our customers qualify for the lowest rate.
“Even during summer’s peak use periods – between November and February – only 28% of customers will use between 33kL and 108kL, while 2% will be charged top tariff for water use exceeding 108kl for the four month period.”
For more information visit www.westernportwater.com.au and click on Water Plan fact sheets for more details, or phone freecall 1300 720 711.
Westernport Water operates a hardship policy and can help people who are facing difficulty paying their water bills.
The confidential service can be accessed either at freecall 1300 720 711 or via email on hardship@westernportwater.com.au.