Water curbs as valves replaced

Water carters are being asked to curb their use of Westernport Water standpipes on May 6 as staff undertake major work on the water mains in the Glen Forbes/Bass area.

Local farmers have been personally warned that water supply will be affected during the works.
Residents of Grantville, Tenby Point, Corinella, Coronet Bay and Pioneer Bay are unlikely to experience any change to water supply, but are being asked to avoid any large increase in water use. Managing Director Murray Jackson said: “Normal household water use will be fine.”
Restricted flows may occur between 7am and midnight.
“Our crews will be working to reinstate full flows as soon as possible,” Mr Jackson said.
“We appreciate it could be an inconvenience to residents, water carters and farmers.”
“We are visiting all affected farmers personally to explain the works. We have notified water carters and also the CFA. We delayed the works until the area was officially out of the fire season.”
Crews will be replacing a number valves in a 1km section of pipe between Edens and Bass Rds.
“These valves date back more than 30 years and are due to be replaced,” Mr Jackson said.
“New valves are part of our ongoing program to improve water quality and water delivery.”
Residents with any queries can freecall 1300 720 711.
“Householders should not notice any change in the water. Their water supply is drawn off both upstream and downstream of the works area– so there will be no affect on quality. And provided the carters are careful with demand, there should be no problems with quantity,” Mr Jackson said.
“We apologise in advance if these works cause any inconvenience and thank customers for their understanding.”