Navigational Directions

Lateral markers with day shapes and lights placed on the bridge will direct vessels to navigate through bridge spans with unaffected air draft.

From Monday 8 July 2024 vessels must navigate through bridge span 11.

Span 11 has an air draft of 11.3m.

Navigation Infographics

Navigation under the San Remo Phillip Island Bridge between Span 11 for both to port and to sea from Monday 8th of July 2024 until mid-August 2024.

Works Area

The bridge has 19 spans and up to 3 spans will be scaffolded at any one time reducing the navigable air draft underneath the bridge by 2.5 meters.

The navigable spans of the bridge, (span 6 to 16) will be affected by the scaffold from the 6th of May until approximately October 2024.  One of the center spans, (9 to 11) will always remain at full air draft with lateral markers.

Please observe the lateral markers as they will change location over the course of the project.

Contact us

For more information, please contact the project team via or call 1300 720 711.