Planned Interruption to Water Supply

Air scouring maintenance program, planned works from 19 October, affected townships include Cowes, Silverleaves, Wimbledon Heights and Ventnor.

As part of the continuing program to improve the quality of the water supply, Westernport Water is planning on air scouring the mains water pipes from Tuesday 19 October.


Works will affect customers with town drinking water supply at Cowes, Silverleaves, Wimbledon Heights and Ventnor. Customers in these areas will experience short periods of interrupted supply.


Managing Director Murray Jackson commented “We are undertaking this work as part of a planned program to continually improve water quality”.


Air scouring involves injecting compressed filtered air into the pipes. Our Water Quality Officer Dean Chambers indicates “customers may notice a temporary change in the waters appearance.


“The water might appear milky, this is caused by the tiny air bubbles in the water. This disappears when the water is allowed to settle for a while. The water is completely safe to drink.”


Customers will receive letterbox notification several days before work starts.


For registered, special needs customers or if you are in a circumstance or situation that requires continuous supply of water please contact the mains cleaning enquiries service Gary Clarke on 0419 238 228.


Schedule times and dates: TBA

Frequently asked Questions?

What do I do before the interruption to water supply?

Prior to the interruption, you should store sufficient water for your day’s needs. For convenience water can be stored in;

  • Your kettle or jugs for use if needed.
  • Buckets for toilet flushing.
  • Sinks, bath or other suitable containers for drinking, cooking, washing etc.


To prevent any risk to your hot water system and any other water using appliances, prior to the interruption time indicated please turn off your stop tap at the meter(s) until the water supply is restored. This will prevent any discoloured water from entering your internal service.


What if I am elderly, infirm, frail or have special requirements?

For registered, special needs customers or if you are in a circumstance that requires continuous water supply please do not hesitate to call Westernport Water on 1300 720 711 during office hours, if you have any questions about this interruption of service. You can also call our Water Quality Officer, Dean Chambers, 0417 366 475, if you would need further advice.


What do I do when the water is restored?

Turn on the tap controlling the supply at the meter and run the rear garden tap until the water is clear. Then run a small quantity of water from all taps on your property until there is a continuous clear flow from each one. Do not use a washing machine or water-using appliance until the water is running clear and free from air. Failing to wait for clear water may result in stained and dirty washing, or damaged appliances and plumbing fixtures.


How can I get some advice or clarification on what is happening or what to do?

If you think that your neighbor may not understand these instructions because of a language problem or a disability, or you require more information please contact the mains cleaning enquiries services on the phone number indicated below.


DO NOT operate any taps or water using appliances between the hours stated on this notice. If one is inadvertently opened, DO NOT leave it turned on or operational.



Utility Services, Project Coordinator: 0419 238 228

Or Customer Service: 1300 720 711.

In the case of an emergency, call 1800 249090, 24 hours a day





For more information contact customer service – 1300 720 711