Westernport Water aims to provide reliable water and wastewater services

Due to the nature of the Phillip Island water supply network, there is one water main from San Remo Basin to Cowes. Any interruptions impact a large amount of customers, so a backup water storage tank and pipeworks will be constructed in the Cowes water supply zone.

Project budget


Where is this happening?

Wimbledon Heights, Phillip Island

How will this impact the community?

  • Reduce water supply interruptions from planned and unplanned works
  • Striving to deliver reliable water services
  • Providing service reliability and operational flexibility
  • Infrastructure investment preventative measures

Do you need more information?

Factsheet coming soon


  • Design

    September – December 2019

  • Construction

    February 2020

  • Completion

    July 2020

Contact us

Please email westport@westernportwater.com.au or call 1300 720 711 if you would like more information about the project.