Improving the reliability of water supply to San Remo and Phillip Island customers

As part of our continuing program to improve the reliability of your water supply, Westernport Water is undertaking valve replacement works on the water main between San Remo and Cowes.

Project budget


Why do we need these works?

The valves are at the end of their theoretical useful life. Replacing them will:

  • reduce unplanned water interruptions to San Remo and Phillip Island customers
  • improve the reliability of water supply
  • extend the life of the water main.

When are the works happening?

A rolling program of works will begin in the second week of June 2022 and continue until August 2022.

Will I be left without water?

During construction, there will be some interruptions to water supply. At least 7 days’ notice will be provided to affected customers.

Where necessary, Westernport Water will provide a temporary water supply using a tanker to ensure continuity of service for critical water supply.

Will this affect my water pressure?

This depends on your current water pressure, location of your house and internal plumbing.

You may notice a change if you have water-using devices such as dialysis machines, reverse osmosis units, water demisters, large aquariums, or if you think you may already have low water pressure. Please contact our team on 1300 720 711  if you use water for these purposes.

Why is my water cloudy?

Your water might appear cloudy for a few days after the works have been completed. This is due to tiny air bubbles in the water. Your water is completely safe to drink and the cloudiness will disappear once the water has settled. You can speed up the process by flushing your rearmost tap until the water runs clear.

As part of our water quality management program, we will ensure we maintain the highest possible water quality.

What if I have concerns about my water supply?

Contact Westernport Water Customer Service Team on 1300 720 711.

Where are the works happening?

The map below shows the approximate location of all the valves being replaced.


  • Near Gap Road Wimbledon Heights

    Completed 8th June.

  • Opposite Panorama Avenue Sunset Strip

    Completed 29th June.

  • Opposite 15 Phillip Island Road Sunset strip

    Completed 29th June.

  • Opposite 139 Phillip Island Road Surf Beach

    Commencing 13th July

  • Island Bridge end Newhaven

    Commencing 3rd August

  • Near Newhaven Sewer Pump Station

    Commencing 10th August

  • Island Bridge Entrance San Remo

    Dates TBC

  • 104 Shetland Heights Road San Remo

    Dates TBC

Contact us

Please email or call 1300 720 711 if you would like more information about the project.