Gas Provision Review

Westernport Water is moving to decommission the gas pilot network in the months ahead and has commenced talking to our gas customers about this. We understand that this impacts each customer differently, and that’s why we will be speaking to each customer individually to ensure that their needs are met.

Why is Westernport Water exploring options to transition out of gas services?

The San Remo reticulated gas supply network was established by Westernport Water in 2006 as a pilot ahead of the expected extension of the natural gas main from Lang Lang. Unfortunately, the predicted extension did not proceed and left Westernport Water with its small pilot operation servicing eight residential properties and the Bass Coast Resort Apartments.

The San Remo network supplies LPG to just over 50 customers, with 42 of them within the Bass Coast Resort Apartments.

Following an economic review, Westernport Water can no longer provide a competitive price to our gas customers due to the limited size of the network and the skills required to maintain it. Other gas companies are able to provide LPG gas services more efficiently and cost-effectively and we believe that it is in the best interest of our customers to explore alternatives.

The corporation is looking to transfer the existing reticulated service to another operator to enable a smooth transition for customers at an equivalent or better rates.

What are the benefits of this program?

By selling the reticulated gas network and services, Westernport Water will be able to focus resources on core business – water and wastewater. Customers will be able to purchase gas at a cheaper retail rate.

How will this impact the community and Westernport Water’s gas customers?

The decommissioning of the gas pilot network will impact each customer differently, and that’s why we are speaking to each customer individually to ensure that their needs are met. We are committed to minimising the impact on our customers and note that up to $1,500 in compensation is available.

Westernport Water’s intention is to cease the provision of reticulated gas services and has offered support to customers to assist them changeover to an alternative. Westernport Water is also discussing arrangements for future bottled-gas services with Bass Coast Resort Apartments.

If existing gas customers have any questions they are encouraged to contact Westernport Water’s Engineering & Construction Technical Officer on 1300 720 711.

What options is WPW exploring?

Westernport Water first approached potential buyers of the scheme to determine interest from the gas sector to purchase the gas business. Unfortunately, an alternative gas service provider was not found.  We did not receive any suitable interest from another gas service supplier and as a result have started a process to work with customers on, individual, fit for purpose alternatives.

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Please email or call 1300 720 711 if you would like more information about the project.