Not so scary chainsaws – ready for the bushfire season

No it isn’t the set for the latest Hollywood schlock-fest. Westernport Water teamed up with the Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo so that eight of its members could undertake chainsaw training.

The training is part of Rotary’s preparation for the upcoming bushfire season.

“Club members are required to undertake an approved training course when they are working away from their homes clearing areas that may be prone to fire,” Westernport Water’s General Manager-Human Resources, Keith Gregory explained.

“This training program provides awareness on safe chainsaw use and getting the best results from using a chainsaw.”

Westernport Water agreed to sponsor the training as recognition of the special efforts made by the club during its bush fire recovery work.

Trainees who have graduated from the program included:

  • Paul Davidson
  • Tom Mc Cormack
  • Peter Kelly
  • Ian Mc Fee
  • Snow Lacco
  • Phil Dressing
  • John Carruthers
  • Geoff Coleman

Geoff Coleman sharpens the chainsaw teeth.

Left to right – Geoff Coleman, Snow Lacco and Peter Kelly learn more about the chainsaw.

Sharpening the chainsaw teethChainsaw training

The Westernport region remains on permanent water savings measures.

You can check these measures at or phone 1300 720 711.