Interruption to Water Supply

Westernport Region Water Corporation will be undertaking planned essential maintenance work on the Corinella Road water mains serving Corinella, Coronet Bay and Tenby Point.

This work will involve interrupting the water supply for four hours from
midnight, Wednesday, 21 October 2009 until 4am, Thursday, 22 October 2009.

This time has been chosen to minimise the impact on our customers.

What to do before the interruption. Please fill –

  • Your kettle or jugs for use if needed.
  • Buckets for toilet flushing.
  • Sinks or other suitable containers for washing, cooking, etc.

What NOT to do during the interruption period.

  • Do not turn on hot or cold taps, inside or outside the house. Appliances connected to the water supply may be damaged if operated while the water is shut off.

What to do after the interruption period.

  • The water may look cloudy due to air or particles in the water. If so you can run an outside tap, the one furthermost from the water meter (backyard tap). It may take a few minutes to clear the water.

For registered, special needs customers – Please do not hesitate to call Westernport Water on 1300 720 711 during office hours, if you have any questions about this interruption of service.

In the case of an emergency, freecall 1800 249090, 24 hours a day.

Murray Jackson
Managing Director