Improve your service by telling us what you think

Westernport Water is gearing up to run its annual customer satisfaction survey that influences improvements for the organisation’s service delivery.

Customers will be contacted at random and invited to take part in a simple 15-minute survey being conducted by independent research company, Bartley Consulting.

The fifth annual survey covers permanent and non-permanent residents with calls scheduled for 8-21 October 2009.

According to Westernport Water’s Managing Director, Murray Jackson, the results feed directly into the corporation’s service quality business plan.

“We like to know the quality of service we are delivering to our customers and the results of these surveys are very powerful indeed,” he said.

“We use them to identify and understand customer issues in the areas of water supply and quality, wastewater services, environment, price and customer responsiveness.

“This in turn enables us to benchmark our performance and shape our customer priorities and approach for the coming business year. Last year’s 2008 survey showed 90% were satisfied with the service provided by Westernport Water, which is in line with 2007 results (88%).

Customer suggestions to increase satisfaction in the 2008 survey included:
• Water supply – Maintain summer water restrictions and ensure security of overall water supplies.
• Price – Service and usage charges should balance.
• Water quality – Continue to improve taste and colour of the water.

“These were the areas our customers wanted us to concentrate our efforts and we responded accordingly,” Mr Jackson said.

“Some of the initiatives we instigated in 2008 related directly to securing the area’s water supply especially in the run-up to the tough summer season.

“These included maintaining permanent water savings measures and the use of authorised water officers every day during the summer period with powers to investigate breaches and issue on-the-spot fines.

“We also worked hard on our hardship delivery program for those people having trouble meeting their bills with services such as easy payments.

“Finally, we are already focusing on bettering our water quality and we have recently run initiatives such as pipe scouring and a successful chloramination trial in the Kilcunda region.

” If anyone has queries about the customer satisfaction survey process they can contact Merryl Todd at Westernport Water on 03 5956 4100.

The survey is completely anonymous with no crossover of contact details between Westernport Water and the survey company.

The customer satisfaction survey complies with regulations under the Privacy Act and is modeled on similar telephone surveys conducted by other water corporations.

The Westernport area remains on permanent water savings measures. You can check these measures at or phone 1300 720 711.